Backlit Film


We use 10 mil heavy-duty translucent film for best quality. High quality matte finish minimizes glare and allows for best high-resolution displays. The printable side of the film has an excellent white point to provide vivid color printing. Perfect for airport signs, movie theater boxes, menu displays, bus stops, backlit exhibits, and window presentations.


 Maximum Size: 48" High X 100' Wide

 High resolution Double layer printed at 1440 x 720 

 Print on one side only

 UV safe that will last for years


10 mil. Backlit Film

Sefty Margins:


Q: What is Backlit film used for?

A: Backlit film is used mainly for light boxes.

Q: How is your Backlit film printed?

A: We print directly on the Backlit film to ensure the color will last as long as the material itself.

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0” X 0” = 0 ft2

10 mil. Backlit Film